M Sc (Eng.) in

Process Fluid Dynamics

The University of Sheffield has been at the forefront of Process Fluidics research for several decades. The dynamic Department of Chemical and Process Engineering spearheaded the development of the commercial computational fluid dynamics package FLUENT in the 1970s'. It has a tradition of innovative CFD teaching at the undergraduate level. With the creation of the Particle Products research group in 1998, and long standing expertise in Combustion and Incineration, the Department is building on multiple strengths in launching the novel M Sc in Process Fluid Dynamics in 2000.

This M Sc course is a sister course to the M Sc in Environmental and Energy Engineering, with module sharing among electives. It is possible to tailor the electives to achieve an emphasis on Environmental Fluid Dynamics. Detailed module information on this course is available here.



Course Structure Approved as a degree bearing course 3/2000


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Course Director: Dr W Zimmerman (biographical information)

mailto: W.Zimmerman@shef.ac.uk

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