Computational Modelling with Comsol Multiphysics 3.5a




Aims of the course is to provide the know how of modelling and simulations of problems arise in engineering, physics and other disciplines using finite element methods. COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS package developed by Comsol Inc. is used as the modelling/simulation tool. Comsol Multiphysics provides the flexibility of adopting PDEs of general form making it tremendously effective in solving complex problems fast and efficiently.

The course covers modelling both state-of-the-art research topics such as microfluidic networks, film drying, multiphase flow, population balance equations and case studies of commonplace design calculations - mixed phase reactor design, heat transfer, flowsheet analysis of unit operations, flash distillations, etc.

The course notes were developed in to a book titled Multiphysics Modelling with Finite Element Methods. This book is now used as the course text book.

Scheduled Modules:

8 - 10 February 2010

Apply before 1 February 2010

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